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Elizabeth Bartlett

Director of Recruitment

(315) 295-3826

Elizabeth Bartlett is the Chief Business Development Officer of Pinnacle Holding Company, which is the parent company to Pinnacle Investments. After graduating from Ithaca College in 2002, Liz relocated to Boston where she worked for a software company in the administration/human resource departments. In 2005, Liz moved back to her hometown of Syracuse, New York, and was given the opportunity to work with her stepfather, Pinnacle founder Gregg Kidd. She has served in numerous roles within the Pinnacle organization including, client services, marketing, and most recently the Director of Human Resources and Executive Assistant to the CEO.

With the growth of the Pinnacle Family of Companies, Liz assumed the newly formed position of Chief Business Development Officer of Pinnacle Holding based on her proven track record in promoting and uncovering business opportunities. Liz’s focus is to grow the Pinnacle brand and expand its reach throughout the U.S. while continuing the excellence in service and passion that Pinnacle has for their clients, partners, and employees.